Bistrello – love at first sight

The small restaurant is situated in a quiet street, yet in the very center of Sofia. Easy to find, you can go there on foot, if you are anywhere in the central area of Sofia. As the place is not big, a reservation is a must. In summer months you can choose a table outside.

Sage Bistro

Sage Bistro – our favourite place to eat

The village of Bistritsa (also Bistritza, Bistrica, or Бистрица in Bulgarian) is now considered a remote district of the capital city Sofia. In recent years a lot of Sofia citizens have settled there to commute daily – they’d rather travel to work twice a day, but enjoy Bistritsa’s fresh air and beautiful nature up in the mountain. Bistritsa is just 10km away from the city.

Happy Pig – the different restaurant-and-cocktail bar

Set in an old wagon, the place has a simple, yet functional design, and a simple, but regularly updated menu list - just several dishes to choose from. The concept of the restaurant is clear - fresh food of hand-picked seasonal products, beautifully presented with a captivating blend of spices. The kitchen is fusion – European [...]

1-ви май – Международен ден на труда и работническата солидарност

1-ви май е денят на труда и на международната работническа солидарност.

Празникът води началото си работническото движение през 19-ти век, когато се организирар мащабни работнически протести, с искане да се зачитат елементарните права на всеки трудещ се.

Secret by Chef Petrov – a real gourmet delight

In a country that doesn’t have a Michelin-star restaurant yet, Bulgaria’s capital offers a remarkably good selection of fine-dining places to choose from. A real culinary gem in Sofia is Secret by Chef Petrov, who is one of Bulgaria’s well known celebrity chefs. Chef Boris Petrov has more than 32 years’ experience in the best [...]

Restaurant Corso Sofia – a top city experience

What are the ingredients of a fine dining experience? By definition, fine dining is a style of eating that usually takes place in elegant restaurants, where especially good food is served to guests, often in a formal way. Apart from the good food, it’s all about the atmosphere of the place. In Corso everything meets [...]

к.к. Камчия – не само за руснаците :)

Преди една година посетихме к.к. Камчия – беше ни на път и решихме да видим как е положението там. След плажната “ивица” на Несебър, която на места беше заменена от бетонни платформи пред хотелите, безкрайният плаж на Камчия ни се стори като място от рая. Обещахме си да се върнем. И преди няколко седмици го направихме.