Boarding with a Phone


I have recently witnessed some Lufthansa flights passengers boarding with a phone, without any printed papers whatsoever. It seemed pretty convenient.

So, what is the electronic boarding pass (also called paperless, mobile or e-boarding) and how can one use it?

Some airlines have upgraded their check-in systems to allow passengers to use their cell phones as a boarding pass instead of using traditional paper ones. You can download an electronic or paper-less boarding pass to your web-enabled device (cell phone, mobile PDA, Blackberry or iPhone, for instance).

The boarding pass looks like a square bar code, which stores passenger name and flight information.  At the security checkpoint, you will display the bar code and security will confirm the authenticity of the code by using a hand-held scanner.

You will still need to show personal ID. The electronic boarding pass also works at the airline gates.

If your cell phone or mobile device happens to lose power, you will need to get a paper boarding pass from an airline kiosk or check-in counter at the airport.

How to get an electronic or paperless boarding pass

1. Use the online check-in at the airline website or a mobile check-in link.
(Refer to the specific airline link below)

2. During online check-in, select a option such as ’email to cell phone’.

3. The airline will send you an email, which includes a link to retrieve the boarding pass.

4. Using that link, you will save the boarding pass to your mobile device.

5. You will display the boarding pass screen to security and airline personnel (along with personal ID).

Which airlines use electronic or paperless boarding passes?

Note – the airlines which do participate only offer this on select itineraries in certain airports.